Easymode : toolkit for making xml based flash websites

Easymode is an aspect oriented toolkit that helps making xml based flash websites easy. The tools included in the toolkit to help you make these kind of sites include:

The best way to learn how easymode works, is to read the above topics in sequence and then look at the Example.

Version naming convention

  • Each update to the development status will increase the first digit. (eg beta or alpha or production ready)
  • Each new feature will increase the second digit.
  • Each bugfix or refactor will increase the last digit


Easymode comes with an example app which is available from github:


To run the example app, you must clone the repository, install the dependencies and initialize the database:

git clone http://github.com/LUKKIEN/django-easymode.git
cd django-easymode
pip install -r requirements.txt
cd example
python manage.py syncdb
python manage.py loaddata example_data.xml
python manage.py runserver

Unsupported django features

The following features, which django supports, are not supported by easymode:

All these features are not supported because the ammount of work to have them was greater than the benefit of having them.

Getting easymode

You can download easymode from:


Or you can do:

  • pip install django-easymode

Or: - pip install -e git://github.com/LUKKIEN/django-easymode.git#egg=easymode

Note the version number in the top left corner and use:

  • easy_install http://github.com/LUKKIEN/django-easymode/tarball/[VERSION]

Which, if the version was v0.1.0 would become http://github.com/LUKKIEN/django-easymode/tarball/v0.1.0.